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TM “Gufo Verde”

Coffee TM "Gufo Verde" was developed primarily for HoReKa.

  Various blends are very successful in use in all devices. Of course, they can be used at home as well, but they are best disclosed when making espresso and cappuccino.
TM “Gufo Verde, blend “Espresso”
TM “Gufo Verde, blend “Espresso”

Blend “Espresso”, 100% Arabica

This blend consists of coffee beans from Africa and South America.

The taste is soft, there is a slight acidity, as all types of Arabica coffee, the body is dense. Roast is  "City +", which allows the use of coffee in all types of brewing.

It goes well with milk.
TM “Gufo Verde”, Blend “Perfetto”
TM “Gufo Verde”, Blend “Perfetto”

Blend “Perfetto” , 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

This blend consists of coffee beans of Arabica and Robusta, Arabica originates from Africa and South America, Robusta from India.

Coffee is stronger in taste, has a dense body, implicit bitterness, sourness is absent, there is a slight fruity aftertaste.

Adding milk well emphasizes the taste of coffee.

This blend can be used for any method of making coffee.
TM “Gufo Verde”, blend “Crema”
TM “Gufo Verde”, blend “Crema”

Blend “Crema”, 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

This blend consists beans from Africa, South America and India.

The strongest and most invigorating coffee, the taste is bright, the coffee bitterness is underlined, the body is dense. Coffee foam is beautiful and pronounced. The addition of milk softens the taste.